Ian O’Shaughnessy

Chef de Cuisine

Cooking all started for Ian as a teenager when he was inducted into a secret organization of honorary cooks led by Matthew Mooney known as “The Cows.*”The cows had one mission: go camping and make better food than everyone else. Math was not their strong suit.

Food service began for Ian at Earthfare in their meat and seafood market, prepping whole cuts. While in college for biochemistry, Ian work in a pit crew for a Texas Style Smokehouse and became an ordained Presbyterian minister (Praise the Lard!). Shortly after graduating, Ian decided moved to Asheville to study microbiologlics in gut health (no correlation.)

After leading an expedition down the Grand Canyon on a pirate flotilla, Ian returned to the laboratory he was working at and decided to “retire” from microbiology to fulfil his quest to return to the profession he loved. In 2020, he helped a friend build and operate a food truck which eventually led his way to Ukiah. (Legend says, he was dropped of outside…)

Ian has now been part of the Ukiah kitchen team for over a year, and recently gained the title as Junior Sous Chef, completing the tri-fecta. When not stoking the fire, he enjoys whitewater kayaking, playing dungeons and dragons with his friends, gardening and woodworking.

*highly skilled, highly trained & highly secret sector of the scouts. Now you know we may have to…

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