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Our vibe

Created by friends, UKIAH was born out of a true passion for Japanese soul food and southern BBQ (with a good cocktail on the side!)

Located opposite Asheville’s iconic music venue in downtown, the Orange Peel, UKIAH features a mix of indoor and outdoor seating, a large central bar and dog-friendly patio. Our hope is that everyone will find their perfect spot, whether it’s at the bar slurping on some ramen or dinner with friends with a good bottle of wine. Dress code is casual, and the music is a mix of indie, old school, funk and soul.

Oh and the name? It spells “haiku” backwards, reflecting a little bit on our approach to food… structure and balance, turned upside down… (Also – we liked it…) and to welcoming you.

Ukiah Places to Eat in Asheville NC
Ukiah Places to Eat in Asheville NC

Our Menu

Created by James Beard nominated Chef/Owner Michael Lewis, UKIAH’s menu is designed to share between friends and family. You will find the menu divided into sections including “Raw”, “Crunchy + Munchy”, “Sharing is caring” and “Big + Bowlsy.” Think Salmon Sashimi with smoked soy and scallions, Crispy Baby Back Ribs with yakiniku or Grilled Asparagus with Bacon Maple-Miso + crispy shallots. Vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan options are available.

The cocktail menu is presented in both a core and seasonal format, pulling inspiration from fresh local ingredients combined with traditional Japanese flavors for a true “East meets West” experience. UKIAH’s full bar also highlights sake, shōchū + Japanese whisky.

Our Brunch

Launching April 9th 2022… after 9 months of planning, Chef Lewis and the team are excited to offer weekend brunch at UKIAH. Alongside the full menu, UKIAH has put a Japanese spin on Southern brunch classics in downtown Asheville.

That means we take some of our best dishes, like the Karaage Chicken, and put it on Waffles with salted butter + matcha… or we twist our fan-favorite Ramen into Breakfast Ramen with tonkotsu-egg broth, maple shichimi bacon, and a sunny side egg. Chef’s personal favorite is the Shishito Pepper-Cheddar Biscuit with Japanese Sausage Gravy and Eggs…

The bar also knows how to brunch, of course. Sip on the Serial Crusher, a rum based drink with cinnamon toast crunch infused milk (you read that right), cold brew coffee + vanilla bitter. The star of the brunch show: The Breakfast Oldie. Our old-fashioned twist features sesame bacon washed bourbon, miso demerara + house orange bitters. See you on the weekend for brunch, Asheville.

Celebrate World Sake Day with us!

World Sake Day is celebrated annually on October 1 to recognize sake and its contributions to Japanese culture, from ceremonies to (obviously) celebrations. The day is also to deepen people’s love for sake and understanding of this beverage. It doesn’t matter if you live in or outside Japan, because the day is for all sake lovers all around the world. World Sake Day marks the beginning of the annual rice harvest, when sake production in Japan begins.
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World Sake Day



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