Ukiah Featured in AVL Today for Mocktails in Asheville, NC


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Mertails Cocktails at Ukiah Japanese Smokehouse, 121 Biltmore Ave.

“…Locally made Mertails herbal elixirs make a lovely and tasty base for mocktails. In addition to flavor profiles like citrus, Chai, and aloe, each also offers its own unique blend of botanicals to help boost relaxation, focus + hydration…”

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Ukiah Japanese Smokehouse, Ben’s Tune-Up and Holeman and Finch have extended their offerings to cater to brunch crowds, further elevating the South Slope experience. And they’re doing it with eclectic fusion dishes and spirited cocktails jam-packed with flavor and style. “It’s definitely more people out and about,” said Michael Lewis, chef and owner of Ukiah

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