Ukiah Listed in Eater Carolinas 18 Essential Restaurants in Asheville Feature

Ukiah Japanese Smokehouse was listed as an essential restaurant in Asheville, NC.

“…Located just a few steps from the Orange Peel music venue downtown, Ukiah’s bright, warm space and Japanese-izakaya-meets-American-barbecue theme makes it the perfect spot for a pre-concert dinner with friends. Diners can opt for beautifully crafted bao, gyoza, ramen, sashimi and tempura — including the show-stopping crispy beech mushroom — or go for meatier items, like baby back ribs or prime ribeye with shiso chimichurri. Ukiah’s outside-the-omelet weekend brunch menu features dishes like savory shishito pepper-cheddar biscuit with Japanese sausage gravy and breakfast ramen with tonkotsu-egg broth and maple shichimi bacon…”

Read the entire article here.

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