Chef Keith Novell

Chef de Cuisine

Keith brings a decade of kitchen experience to Ukiah. His love of food was honed at a young age, and he has a specific passion for the flavors of the cuisine of the cities and the countries that raised him; The Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Hawaii and Indonesia.

Keith began his culinary career in Los Angeles, developing his skill-set at restaurants such as Superba Food & Bread, Clutch Venice, Lukshon, MTN Izakaya and under the tutelage of Chef Jason Travi (Superba), and Chef Ted Hopson at The Bellwether. He continued his career in California as an essential part of the development and opening of Osteria Moto in Sacramento in 2018. Seeking the mountains, Keith came to Asheville and has shared his talents with kitchens across the city including Curate, Gan Shan West, Chai Pani and Sovereign Remedies.

As someone who loves to explore the blending of cultures in his food while also bringing an elevated experience to diners, Keith is excited to be a part of bringing Ukiah to the city of Asheville.

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