Jophiel Espinal

Restaurant Manager

Having worked in restaurants his entire adult life, Jophiel has held every front-of-house position under the sun. Working overtime shifts while attending university full-time, he developed an adoration for the ins and outs of the food & beverage industry. Upon graduation, he decided to commit to the crazy restaurant lifestyle and learn as much as he could.

Prior to joining Ukiah, Jophiel was Restaurant Manager at KYU, one of the most popular Asian inspired restaurants in Miami, where he met Chef Michael Lewis. His passions are food, drinks, and traveling the world; he’s visited countries in North & South America as well as Europe, with some of his favorites being Italy, Germany, and Spain.

If you need to find him, you might catch him having a brew at Burial Beer Co, enjoying a cocktail at The Times Bar & Coffee Shop, or hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Otherwise, he’ll be at Ukiah!

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